all that she craves – food and life, updated

As you might know, all that she craves was originally a food blog but there’s more to what I crave in life than food alone. It’s food, and everything that goes with it: the people who cook and eat, the places it comes from and where we go to eat, the surroundings and objects in which food is served and it’s all of that that becomes part of the story. So, this has become a blog about those things, too – food and life.

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A Catalan Feast for Barcelona Lovers

a catalan feast for barcelona lovers on

The dishes we’ve selected for our ‘feast’ aren’t all strictly Catalan in origin, in fact, tapas as a way of eating, wasn’t always even part of Catalan culture having been imported, but they’re all certainly dishes you’ll find being served if you visit Barcelona today.

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