In Knead of Sourdough September

In Knead of Sourdough September on allthatshecraves

September is the month of new beginnings, isn’t it? There’s a seasonal shift and we look to fill our bellies and climb under the covers all cosy and covered in crumbs.

I miss the sunlight in September and start to stuff all kinds of things in my gob to compensate. Feed me. Feed me up on crouton laden soup, piles of toast, pizza, toasties, bread and butter pudding… ‘ALL THE CARBS’, is what my body craves as soon as the weather shifts and I get cold.

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Introducing: One&Twenty, London

Introducing One&Twenty on allthatshecraves

One&Twenty, founded by Chloe Crowe, is a London based gift curation and boxing company. Having only opened their virtual doors six weeks ago, they’re real fledglings but there’s already lots to discuss.

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John Whaite’s Kitchen Cookery School: Perfect Patisserie course, review

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending ‘Perfect Patisserie’ – one of John Whaite’s (winner of GBBO series 3) Kitchen Cookery School classes. Included in the Standard’s 10 best cookery schools in the UK, the school is Set in a barn in the rolling hills of Lancashire, on the family farm where John grew up, it’s an idyllic setting and the kitchen fit out is enviable. 

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all that she craves – food and life, updated

As you might know, all that she craves was originally a food blog but there’s more to what I crave in life than food alone. It’s food, and everything that goes with it: the people who cook and eat, the places it comes from and where we go to eat, the surroundings and objects in which food is served and it’s all of that that becomes part of the story. So, this has become a blog about those things, too – food and life.

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Northern Soul Grilled Cheese, Manchester: new menu

Northern Soul Grilled Cheese on

Northern Soul Grilled Cheese has been busy ever since it opened in Church Street Market (up the road from Afflecks and a stone’s throw from the Arndale market) early in 2016, but it seems to have been even busier since Adam Richman (of Man v. Food) made an appearance there this July.

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Where The Light Gets In, Stockport

Where the light gets in, stockport on allthatshecraves

Sam Buckley and his chefs prepare, cook and serve some of the best food we’ve ever eaten, the space is simple but beautifully, quietly, put together, the staff are warm, passionate and knowledgeable, each piece of crockery has a tactility that intensifies the pleasure of each dish, and even the hand wash makes me pant and sigh.

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Porter + Cole, Coffee Lounge and Lifestyle Store

Porter + Cole Coffee Lounge and Lifestyle Store on

The Northern Quarter has a new coffee lounge and lifestyle store that’s a long way from the grimy, unnamed, unbranded, shops and bars that used to pop-up here. Carefully curated, Porter + Cole is perhaps more Didsbury-esque than NQ in its approach, but it’s quite at home with its equally grown-up neighbours.

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Gin and Grapefruit Grown-Up Slushes

Gin and Grapefruit Slushes on

I’ve developed an obsession with my blender. I don’t know why. It’s not new and it hasn’t suddenly developed the ability to do things it couldn’t do before. But, for some reason, the possibilities and creations I’ve made with it this week have felt endless.

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Rhubarb, Custard and Elderflower Financier

Absolutely delicious on their own, warm from the oven, financier are a classic French pastry. Sweet and nutty, these little almond cakes, with crisp exteriors and springy middles, are leavened with egg whites and flavoured with almonds and beurre noisette (browned butter).

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Grub Food Fair at Mayfield Depot, Manchester

Grub Food Fair at Mayfield Depot on

Welcome to Mayfield. Home to Manchester’s newest food market: Grub Food Fair! Set in the impressive, resurgent Mayfield depot, a short walk from Piccadilly, Grub’s arrived in style.

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A Catalan Feast for Barcelona Lovers

a catalan feast for barcelona lovers on

The dishes we’ve selected for our ‘feast’ aren’t all strictly Catalan in origin, in fact, tapas as a way of eating, wasn’t always even part of Catalan culture having been imported, but they’re all certainly dishes you’ll find being served if you visit Barcelona today.

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Chewy Chocolate Chunk Cookies for Rainy Days

Chocolate Chunk Cookies for Grey Rainy Days on

When the skies go dark and the rain pours so heavily that it bounces and seems to be raining from the ground as well as the sky, when the biggest umbrella won’t even keep you dry, this is when I want these cookies.

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Lunch at Evelyn’s Café and Bar in the Northern Quarter, Manchester

Evelyn's Bar and Cafe in the Northern Quarter, Manchester

Situated on Tib Street, just up from North Tea Power, Evelyn’s is up off the street in the lush, open plan industrial setting in what used to be my hairdressers (anyone remember Hedonist? We ended up with one of their green Chesterfield couches after our popping our heads in during their clear out/moving day. They’re Hed Space now) and then after it, Superstore, before Zanna group, who are responsible for a number of other successful ventures, including Indian restaurant Mughli, and Railway Kitchen in Alderley Edge, opened Evelyn’s back in 2015.

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Momofuku Milkbar Inspired Cereal Milk Milkshake

A trip to New York isn’t complete without at least one visit to Momofuku Milkbar for their soft serve cereal milk ice cream. It tastes exactly as you’d expect: like the milk you lap up from the bottom of your cereal bowl: sweet, rich and deeply satisfying. I wanted a quick hit of that cereal milk flavour without going to the trouble of making (and waiting for) ice cream, so here’s my take on it in milkshake form.

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Dinner at Hispi Bistro, Didsbury

Dinner at Hispi bistro, Didsbury

‘Hispi’, besides being a bugger to type without being autocorrected to ‘hips’, ‘hippo’, or ‘hippy’, is a cabbage more commonly known as a ‘sweetheart cabbage’, which, admittedly, is something I had to Google before we paid a visit (our first) to the mighty bistro that is Hispi, from Gary Usher, of the acclaimed Sticky Walnut and Burnt Truffle.

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Salted Chocolate, Berry, and Nut Bars

I don’t know about you, but by 4.30 I’m absolutely ravenous and ready for tea. Heading in to teaching straight out of University meant I never got out of the habit of eating tea straight from school and so now, finishing work at 5 and getting home at 6, means I’m beyond hungry. I’m so hungry, I’ve […]

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