Happy New Year! Plans for 2018

2018 plans allthatshecraves.com

Happy New Year, readers!

After my unexpected hiatus – every year I forget how busy December is – followed by Christmas away in Miami (I know! More on that to come), I’m back and feeling refreshed and ready for 2018.

New Year Plans 2018 allthatshecraves.com

I want to thank you all for your support this last year; allthatshecraves made it to one whole year (I’ve been known to ‘panic and delete’ before now), found its feet as a food and life blog, and through it, I got involved in lots of exciting things including: IKEA’s LiveLagom project, weblognorth, Blogger Dining Club, and lots and lots of food reviews. So, thank you for reading, sharing, commenting and helping me stay away from that ‘delete’ button in 2017.

In celebration, here’s what you loved the most – The Top 5 Posts of 2017


Plans for 2018

This year, allthatshecraves is going to continue to focus on food and life but there’ll be a few tweaks to the design and layout to keep things looking fresh.


There’ll be more of everything you love: indulgent recipes and reviews of restaurants, cafés and bars in Manchester and beyond. In 2017, I binned a lot of negative reviews; in 2018, you can expect reviews to be more frank and more frequent.

and life

I’m also planning on writing more travel and lifestyle posts in 2018 – something I shied away from last year and even considered scrapping. But, I keep returning to the idea and want to pursue it this year, and so I will. There’ll be travel guides, product and brand reviews and more.

2018 plans allthatshecraves.com
Tom Pigeon 2018 Year Planner

Here’s to the excitement of a new year and the unknown entity that is 2018. Happy New Year, everyone!


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Hi. I’m Natalie, author of all that she craves. I love cooking simple but crave-worthy dishes and going out to eat (especially here in Manchester). Food connects me with others, takes me to places, brings me to objects, becomes part of my story and inspires me.

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