In Knead of Sourdough September on allthatshecraves

In Knead of Sourdough September

September is the month of new beginnings, isn’t it? A time for projects and planning. There’s a seasonal shift and we look to fill our bellies and climb under the covers all cosy and covered in crumbs; hopeful of what’s to come.

I miss the sunlight in September and start to stuff all kinds of things in my gob to compensate. Feed me. Feed me up on crouton-laden soup, crumpets, piles of toast, pizza, toasties, bread and butter pudding… ALL THE CARBS, is what my body craves as soon as the weather shifts and I get cold.

So, when it’s carbs I must eat, I want to eat the good stuff. Usually, I’d head to Pollen, or Trove for the best loaves, but, I’ve decided that I want to learn to keep a sourdough starter and to bake with it.

I’ve never managed both.

Who am I kidding? I’ve never managed either. I’ve lobbed loaves and starved starters to death, so I am really going to have to try very hard.

In Knead of Sourdough September on allthatshecraves

Luckily, now is Sourdough September and every September, the people behind the Real Bread Campaign encourage and support people in rearing their own starters and baking their own bread.

That’s lucky for me, because I’m going to need help all the help they can muster. I’m impatient and not very good at following instructions and that, I’ve heard, is a problem when bread’s involved. I do like to know how stuff works though and I’m a grafter and will practise until I get it right. Honest. So, time to get the books out, read the internet and start baking!

Since Trove are advocates and bakers of real bread, I’ve purchased a pot of their Sourdough starter for £5 and I intend to feed it and love it and make little loaf babies with it. It’s on its way to me now so any tips, tricks, words of encouragement, or warnings to heed me off are sorely needed.

Hit me with the science, bread bitches, and watch this space. I’ve got a lot to prove*.

*Sorry. The first bread pun was bad enough, wasn’t it?

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