Introducing One&Twenty on allthatshecraves

One&Twenty, London | Introducing

When I was one-and-twenty
I heard a wise man say, “Give crowns and pounds and guineas
But not your heart away…”


Beautiful Gifts. Sourced with Care. Boxed in London.

When I Was One-and-Twenty By A. E. HOUSMAN

The brand

One&Twenty, founded by Chloe Crowe, is a London based gift curation and boxing company. Having only opened their virtual doors six weeks ago, they’re real fledglings but there’s already lots to discuss.

Where did I hear about the brand?

Earlier this month, I was lucky enough to win One&Twenty’s giftbox competition celebrating their first month of trading. I received one of their three boxes, The One ‘FOR THE MORNING’, a box full of high quality, tasty treats to savour and elevate my morning, complete with handwritten tags and a note and I was so bowled over by the service and the products, that I got in touch with founder Chloe to find out more.

What’s to love about the brand?

First of all, the gifts are exquisitely, artfully boxed in clean white One&Twenty branded boxes, wrapped in ribbon and brought together with a hand written tag for the recipient. Inside, the products are from a small selection of brands from creators from Scotland to the South of France, selected for their quality, excellence and ethical pedigree, and there’s embossed minimalist notecards held together with geometric golden paperclips and hand written messages (any stationery lovers dream). The whole package feels both exquisite and personal.

Introducing One&Twenty on allthatshecraves

What products or services does the brand offer?

At present, there’s a choice of three giftboxes available from One&Twenty:

The ‘SIGNATURE’ One, £85
Showcasing what One&Twenty is all about, this box is full of goodies to indulge in. It includes handmade ceramics, a hand cream, organic soy wax candles, fair-trade chocolate and loose tea.

The One ‘FOR MAMA ET BEBE’, £95
This box is a collection of things for new mums to recuperate and relax and includes a swaddle blanket, hand-cream, organic lip-balm, a candle and milk chocolate.

The One ‘FOR THE MORNING’, £65
This is the box that I received and it’s a box full of goodies for a lazy Sunday morning: there’s loose leaf tea, ground coffee, hand crafted granola and two ceramic espresso beakers. It’d make the perfect morning after, wedding present or for anyone who needs a little bit of extra love in the morning (that’s me then).

As well as the products that are all, carefully, sought by founder Chloe, each box includes a printed menu, and a handwritten notecard in an envelope and a handwritten gift tag. Purchasers can personalise their gift boxes to suit the recipient too, selecting particular products and elements such as the ribbon colour and the words on the handwritten notes.

One&Twenty has plans for later in the Autumn, to include a selection of smaller sized gift boxes, that’ll make ideal Christmas gifts for friends or littles gesture for bridesmaids. Even further down the line, founder Chloe says they’d love to offer a curated selection of greeting cards, giftwrap and ribbon for when customers want to wrap their own gifts.

Where can I get me some of that?

You can follow One&Twenty on Instagram @oneandtwentylondon and to purchase their giftboxes, or to find out more, visit their website:

Introducing One&Twenty on allthatshecraves

The final note 

Today, the final note is from the brand’s founder, Chloe, who told me a little bit about her experience with One&Twenty, to date

The highlight so far has been receiving and then handwriting all of the beautiful messages from customers to their loved ones to send out with their giftboxes. It’s a real dream job. 



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