Gin and Grapefruit Slushes on

Gin and Grapefruit Grown-Up Slushes | Recipe

I’ve developed an obsession with my blender. I don’t know why. It’s not new and it hasn’t suddenly developed the ability to do things it couldn’t do before. But, for some reason, the possibilities and creations I’ve made with it this week have felt endless.

I’ll be honest, my husband made me a banana smoothie that was an absolute revelation (for the last 30 years I haven’t gone near a banana and now I’m blending them up with oat bran, almonds, milk and ice, like they’re going out of fashion), and a game changer because since then I’ve been blending everything in sight.

Gin and Grapefruit Slushes on

I’ve had apricot smoothies, chocolate milkshakes, blended ice coffee, guacamole, and Friday night turned into strawberry daiquiri night! That’s what got me thinking about these grown-up slushes, combining my two favourites: gin and grapefruit. I’ve used the last of my Manchester Three Rivers Gin (and I’m very sad about it) but it was totally worth it for this.

Smooth, sharp and ice cool, with a gin kick, these slushes make the perfect by-the-pool, or pre-dinner drink on a hot summer’s evening.

You’ll need to be a little bit prepared (pouring juice in to ice cube trays, it’s hardly taxing work) a few hours before but once you’ve got that bit down, it’s a case of chucking everything in the blender and blending while you do your happy dance. Get your sunglasses on kids, it’s time to party.

Gin and Grapefruit Slushes on

Gin and Grapefruit Slushes

Ingredientsfor two 

Grapefruit juice to make 24 ice cubes, 500ml
Gin, 4 measures or 100ml
Grapefruit slices (to garnish), 2


A few hours before, pour the grapefruit juice into the ice cube trays and freeze. Have a lie down.

When you’re ready to drink, remove the frozen grapefruit from the trays and add them to a blender along with the gin. Pulse until you have a smooth slush (a minute, or so). Pour into tumblers, and and serve with a slice of dehydrated grapefruit, a straw and some sass.

Tip: if it’s too tart, add 2 tablespoons of caster sugar and re-blend. 

Gin and Grapefruit Slushes on

P.S. dehydrated citrus is really easy to do: slice your fruit, pat dry, place on baking paper in the oven (at 150°C) and leave for around 3 hours, or until dried out.

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