Sunday Roast at Mr Cooper’s House and Garden, Manchester | Review

Mr Cooper's House and Garden on

Sunday. Just as the rain started, we weaved our way through the backstreets of Manchester, to avoid the crowds of the St Patrick’s Day parade and in to The Midland, where Mr Cooper’s House and Garden is situated.

We were ushered to the bar for a pre-dinner drink and found ourselves taken with the company of elderly couples and young families alike. The ambience, a welcome and direct contrast to the city outdoors. We settled down to study the drinks menu. I dove straight in to the gin menu. I’ll be honest, the first thing I did was skim it for a Manchester Three Rivers (it’s so good), but they didn’t have it so, instead, I ordered a FEW breakfast gin with tonic and slices of orange that was refreshing enough.

Once at the dinner table, we didn’t waste much time deliberating. We’d come for a roast and since there’s only beef on the menu, it was roast beef, roast rib of Cumbrian beef, to be exact, we were having.

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The beef came with dripping potatoes, honeyed parsnip, root veg mash, bubble and squeak croquettes (more on these in a minute), Yorkshire pudding and roast gravy, as well as creamy, whipped horseradish and English mustard. It was all tasty but those bubble and squeak croquettes…well, they’re a roast dinner game changer. Crisp on the outside, and savoury and sticky on the inside, they’re going to be gracing our plates post-roast from now on. What a way to use leftover veg and a little bit of gravy!

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As it is elsewhere in The Midland, the service here is on the right side of formal: friendly, attentive and unobtrusive.

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For dessert, cheese and biscuits was good, but the eclair that was oozing with crème pâtissière and adorned with the most delicious jewels of candied nuts and burnt orange was the clear winner. There was a good amount of food envy going on from across the table, and I was smug.

I did have to have a slight break half-way through and probably could’ve (should’ve) shared it, but I didn’t really want to. I mean, look at it.

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I finished it, eventually. And, after a brief recovery period, involving coffee and a chat with our dining neighbours, we were ready to pay.

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Two courses, which is just enough, for £16 felt very reasonable, even if the drinks were on the expensive side, and we’ll definitely go to Mr Cooper’s House and Garden again.

Mr Cooper’s House and Garden
The Midland Hotel, Peter Street, Manchester, M60 2DS

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Hi. I’m Natalie, author of all that she craves. I love cooking simple but crave-worthy dishes and going out to eat (especially here in Manchester). Food connects me with others, takes me to places, brings me to objects, becomes part of my story and inspires me.

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