Momofuku Milkbar Inspired Cereal Milk Milkshake

A trip to New York isn’t complete without at least one visit to Momofuku Milkbar for their soft serve cereal milk ice cream. It tastes exactly as you’d expect: like the milk you lap up from the bottom of your cereal bowl: sweet, rich and deeply satisfying. 

I wanted a quick hit of that cereal milk flavour without going to the trouble of making (and waiting for) ice cream, so I started with Christina Tosi’s (of Momofuku) Cereal Milk Recipe and here’s my take on it in milkshake form.

Momofuku cereal milk milkshake



Cereal Milk Milkshake

Adapted from Christina Tosi’s (of Momofuku) Cereal Milk Recipe

Ingredients enough for two 250ml glasses of milkshake

Whole Milk, 250ml
Cereal (Cornflakes is traditional but I prefer Frosties), 50g
Brown sugar, 2 tbsp
Vanilla ice-cream, 250ml (a 1/4 of a standard 1ltr tub)


Spread the cereal out on a lined baking tray and toast at 150°C for fifteen minutes. This will enhance the depth of flavour of the cereal, making a richer and more delicious milk.

Prepare the milk in a container, or jug with enough room for the cereal to swish around. Remove the cereal from the oven and add to the milk. Steep the cereal in the milk at room temperature for twenty minutes.

Using a fine sieve, drain the milk in to a large jug. The milk will drain off quickly at first, then become thicker and starchy toward the end of the straining process. Using the back of a spoon, wring the milk out of the cereal without forcing it through the sieve. Discard the cereal (we compost ours).

Add the ice-cream and the cereal milk to a blender and blend until you have a deliciously creamy and frothy milkshake (about a minute, or so). Pour in to two 250ml glasses.

You can use crushed cereal as a milkshake topping and that way you end up with cereal milk x2 – always a good thing!


Cereal Milk Milkshake all that she craves

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