Taking Part in the Ikea #LiveLagom Project

Taking Part in the Ikea #LiveLagom Project

In 2015 I quit my job.

I had a solid career in teaching, an inspiring and in many ways wonderful profession, but I realised I’d forgotten what it was like to live. I was always working, or too tired from working, save for a few weeks of the year.  That’s why I decided to upheave my (and Liam’s) life and start again.

In the same year I handed in my resignation, we got married, took a long trip to Canada, America and Iceland and, in September, I started a Masters course in Advertising and Design at the University of Leeds. It was a complete overhaul with the aim of refocusing and finding time to live for every day (and not just for Saturdays and the holidays) again.

Of course doing a full-time Masters degree in a year is stressful and tiring (especially when you’re commuting) not to mention the huge financial strain but, it was so worth it.

It wasn’t just my job that I wanted to change though. By January 2016, after exam season was out of the way, I’d started to make some other long overdue lifestyle changes, too:

I’d waded through piles of clothes I’d accumulated and had never had time to sort out and finally created a proper capsule wardrobe; I’d ebayed things we just didn’t use, or need, or even like to look at; I was doing yoga almost every day, and we’d made a pact to eat more sensibly (ok, we’re still working on this one) and to drink far less alcohol and we were finally slowing down.

Capsule wardrobe all that she craves

So, when Ikea approached me towards the end of the year with the prospect of joining their #LiveLagom project as an ambassador, of course I said ‘yes’. It was the perfect fit, and the post-wedding, post-honeymoon blues were starting to kick in so a new project was more than welcome.

In the first few weeks of the #LiveLagom project, I’ve gone behind the scenes at Ikea (what a treat) to meet the other ambassadors, eat meatballs (naturally) and to find out more about the project.

I’ve set a New Year’s Resolution, too, resolving to enjoy the present as much as possible. And by ‘the present’, I mean allowing time to take pleasure in simple, every day things in our married life, our home, our families, and our interests.

I’ve also put together our Ikea shopping list from the ‘Hidden Gems’ brochure to purchase a few things that’ll be provided by Ikea to help us make some changes and to #LiveLagom.

Live Lagom on allthatshecraves.com

It’s still the beginning of the project and we have to pick up our Ikea products and put a few things in place, but here’s what we’re planning to do:

  • Organise the kitchen to ensure we create as little waste-free as possible.
  • Make time and space to be able to enjoy our home and our interests.
  • Bring more (plant)life indoors, especially to spaces where we spend a lot of time.
  • Make our front room warmer and more comfortable, which in turn should help to save on our heating bills.


Note: this post was written as part of Ikea’s Live Lagom project.


Just enough of what you crave is as good as any feast

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